Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Fun #117 - Procrastinators Unite!

Well, hello, you all! Fancy seeing you here!

Say, um, a while back I polled as to whether or not we wanted themes still. The response was overwhelmingly "sure, why not?" Well, I was thinking about it and pondering what to do for themes... and pondering what to do for WF... (these ideas don't just grow on an idea tree in my backyard, folks! I gotta thunk 'em up my own self!)... and I think this month the theme will be...

Anti-Procrastination Month!

(Also, fitting since I'm posting January's theme on, oh, the 20th)

(Yeah, I might have totally gotten the idea from Flylady's Anti-Procrastination Day on Wednesdays, but it still works.)

Got any recipes you've been meaning to post? Maybe a new one you tried over the holidays? Or one that's been in the back of your mind to put on here since, oh, well, way back last grilling season? We don't care what season or theme it might fit, we'd love to just see it!

So your challenge is to set your timer for 15 minutes, find the recipe, and get it posted! I bet it'll even take you less time than that. Or, if you're pressed for time at the moment, just find your recipe and stick it next to/on your computer. Then you'll see it and remember! And all of your fellow Recipeeples will be thrilled to read your new recipe.

(And you'll be glad it's not a niggling little reminder in the back of your head anymore.)

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