Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May's Theme - Entry to Omnivorism

Hello, all! So, what do you do when you're just starting out cooking something new. Maybe you're venturing into a new style of cooking by trying out some of the venerable Julia Child's classic recipes. Maybe you want to embark on learning how to replicate a different ethnic/cultural cuisine, like, say Indian cookery. Maybe you just haven't done much cooking & want to get your toes wet, so to speak.

Or maybe you're a vegetarian, but you are raising a couple of omnivores and want a little help with some simple/basic meat dishes. :)

So, to help a friend out, let hear some of your quick and/or easy and/or basic recipes with meat. We're not looking for those elaborate, impress-the-guests recipes this time around (but feel free to post them, or any other recipe, anytime, regardless of current theme!), but more accessible ones.

If you've got recipes/ideas that are easily accomplished as meated/meat-free (like, say, cooking up a steak, slicing it, and serving it as part of a make-your-own-fajitas buffet along with sauteed onions & peppers, cheese (dairy & non?), etc.), here's a special plea to post those! Simple ideas that you don't think warrant their own post can certainly go in the comments section here.

Thanks much, Recipeeples!!!

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The Sexy Blonde said...

Specifically addressing the meat portion of this, these would be the simple preparations I do:
- if at all possible, buy the cut you need
- if you can't and need to debone something, google and a fillet knife are your friend
- use a meat thermometer -- 165 degrees = fully cooked (and many will argue, overdone, but that's your choice)
- I like to use garlic salt on beef and pork and throw it in the oven at 350 degrees, turning once
- I use a thermometer that has an oven safe probe and beeps when it reaches the desired temp (also handy for making caramel :-) )
- I like to cook chicken breast in an uncrowded pan with salt, pepper and olive oil. When I want to get fancy, I put a few sage leaves on one side and cover with procuito and then cook (procuito side down first) -- a la chicken saltambuca without the awesome, but time consuming capered butter sauce.