Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Links to 2 Favorite Kid Bento Blogs

Poor, neglected little Recipeeps! I had all sorts of good intentions re: posting every week. Well, it may be late, but here are the links to a couple of packing-kids-bento-lunches blogs I've especially enjoyed.

Over at Wendolonia, Wendy shares pics of lunches she creates for her 1st grader & those she sends with her toddler to daycare. Lots of great hints & tips, a few videos on how to use/stack some bento boxes, some of her life... I like the semi-weekly photo posts of that week's bentos for attainable inspiration. (Plus, I'm pretty sure I need to buy some food-safe markers now!)

The other site I've been following is Another Lunch. Last December, Melissa did a big "Twelve Days of Christmas" series, which is super-cute. In fact, a LOT of her bento lunches are really, really adorable, often with fancy picks or frosting eyes or other fun bento toys. She sometimes does thematic "Muffin Tin Mondays," where she uses a muffin tin instead of a plate for a fun at-home lunch for her kid(s). (I think she must get up earlier in the mornings than I do, though - some of her bentos are fairly fancy!)

Now, don't think that because these are kid-bento blogs that you couldn't use any of these ideas for yourself! I just found them looking for ideas for Pumpkin's lunches since she's now all-day as a first grader. I think all your coworkers would be jealous if you pulled out a frog-shaped sandwich with googly frosting eyes! :)

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